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Frozen White Shrimp

Frozen White Shrimp

We present the finest quality Frozen White Shrimp, which is famous in the global market for its delightful taste and freshness. Due to our persistent supply of high quality Frozen White Shrimp, we have become one of the major Exporters and Suppliers of Frozen White Shrimp in the market. Further, you can buy our Frozen White Shrimp at affordable prices.

Offered In

  • Size (Pcs/Kg)
    • U/10
    • 10/20
    • 20/30
    • 30/40
    • 40/50
  • Packing
    • Semi IQF /Shatter Pack

Famous For

  • Long Freshness
  • Properly frozen
  • Properly stored and packaged
  • Easy to cut and cook
  • Can be preserved for long time
  • Properly cleaned and washed
  • Competitive prices
  • Packaged in quality material

  • Frozen White Shrimp

  • Baby Frozen River Shrimp

  • Frozen Vannamei (HLSO)

  • Pud Vannamei

  • Sea White Shrimp (HLSO 3)

  • Sea White Shrimp (HLSO)

  • Vannamei (HLSO)

  • Vannamei Pud